Our goal is to help our clients excel.These are our latest examples.

Forbes House Media is a newly structured business, poised to capitalise on multi-media and campaign development projects.

Outdoor media is a prominent feature of almost all market places and innovative firms, such as Forbes House Media, are actively investigating ways in which its users can differentiate their advertising dollar. For example, Outdoor billboards are becoming electronic media formats known as LED signs and as demonstrated in major centres, such as Times Square, New York, LED signs are becoming new icons.

The expertise of Forbes House Media is based on a 50 year history of choosing the right signage products, materials and applications for the job. Today, that knowledge has been invested in up-to-date technology’s. Together with the groups international alliances, Forbes House Media are well placed to create Australia’s latest icons.

Looking for innovative media, speak to Forbes House Media.

Forbes House Research and Development (R & D) allocate significant resources to researching and developing signage materials, methods and applications. The group offer solutions on how to apply ordinary products in unusual circumstances or to unique products.

For example, Forbes House recently developed the Invue Display System, signage applied to baggage carousels at airports. This exciting advertising medium was applied using virtually unbreakable polycarbonate Lexan sheeting plates, which were then printed with advertising messages or consumer brands. The product was treated to make the finish high gloss, scratch and dirt resistant. It’s the first of its kind and is now marketed nationally and internationally as Invue Advertising.

For 50 years, Forbes House R & D have researched signage materials and methods. We’ve seen lots of impractical solutions and learnt which is the right product for the job. If your questioning your brands application, ask Forbes House Research and Development for a guaranteed solution.